About Me

I am a poet, film writer, adventurer and Earth ambassador based in Central California and Maui. A born explorer of high mountains, deep oceans, ancestral wisdom and emotional awareness, my life’s work weaves together the synergistic potentials of restoring human connection to nature consciousness.

From this place of deep connection, I fiercely embody the forces of divine feminine awakening, here to collaboratively bring forward the guiding wisdom of Ocean and Earth for the restoration of human and planetary well-being.

I am a luminary, a light. I do not find the path; I merely light the space for others to better find their own way back to nature, into deeper connection with self.

Call people into closer connection with nature, earth, and oceans.

Unify the viewer with their higher nature to relate through feeling rather than thinking.

Inspire authentic emotional connection to spark immediate action.

My Journey

My professional and personal background circle the evolution of human consciousness and culture, driven by an environmental and emotional impetus to conserve the remaining wild places and species of our planet. I have a rich academic background spanning literature, history, art, philosophy, and world religions from ancient times through now, with formal study at Boston University and the University of Southern California, and a life-long pursuit of remote nature immersion and field research across four continents.

My present writing life and personal practice explore the evolution of conscious awareness among natural and quantum systems.

I create a mix of poetry, narrative, and acoustic spoken word that peel back the layers of deep connection underlying “growth hyperintelligence,” the field of ancient and dynamic interspecies synergy that has balanced the Earth’s evolutionary health since pre-technology, pre-human times. I believe that a reverent and rooted return to primordial Earth intelligence will seed and nurture the visionary innovations needed to overcome the crises of our time.

Most recently, I explore the ancient wisdom and connective forces of language, family and emotion among whales and dolphins in the documentary feature film OCEAN SOULS, winner of sixteen international film festival awards (released Dec 2021), and my spoken word poetry is featured in the sonic immersion live show SOUNDS OF THE OCEAN, which has been raising funds and awareness for ocean conservation while responsibly touring through Central America, Europe, the Middle East and California.

The call towards sonic, energetic, and heart-based resonance and learning have been fueled by my life-long immersion in yoga, meditation and indigenous wisdom practices.

With over 20 years of training and teaching history, I have traveled worldwide in my exploration of energetic connection / communication between human, animal, plant and mycelial realms, through the ancient lenses of Hawaiian Shamanism, Buddhist meditation, and traditional pranayama – all contrasted and complemented by research in contemporary depth psychology, and the quests of 20th century psychonauts Aldous Huxley and Terrence McKenna to current interspecies communication research from Paul Stamets and Suzanne Simard.

My unique ability to interpret on behalf of plants and animals has been trained as an energetic sensitivity to movement and physical presence through a lifetime of yoga, wildlife tracking, terrestrial and aquatic field research, and hands-on treatment/rearing of injured and orphaned animals, specializing in birds of prey. These skills build upon my inborn empathic energetic receptivity to wild things…my capacity for energetic resonance give me a defined ability to know and feel what their bodies know and feel, making me an exceptional voice for wild causes.

I have fins-on experience underwater with cetaceans – freediving, scuba diving and researching since 2000, and a year of terrestrial wildlife field research across six African biomes. My history as a research diver, expedition leader, educator, conservation grant writer, program manager and film writer for nonprofits and government agencies based in Africa, Europe and the US, has focused on ecological carrying capacity in Southern Africa, cetaceans and reef recovery in the Indian Ocean, fisheries and watershed education in the Pacific, and wildlife rehabilitation on the California coast.

I am guided by an innate curiosity to explore the underlying connections among all things, and I love going DEEP, in all realms

Living and working amongst the matriarchal societies of elephants in Namibia, lions in South Africa, cetaceans at sea and my own lineage of strong, empowered, creative matriarchs stretching back to the early settlers of California, I have experienced how life flourishes when feminine forces LEAD with LOVE, valuing collaboration and compassion over consumption.

My work contributes to restoring collaborative balance to our world by honoring and growing the sacred power of ancient wisdom and the divine feminine in each of us, in alignment with the needs and nourishing forces of our Mother Earth.

Amber Speaks

Looking for someone to speak or facilitate a workshop at your next event? Here are just a few of the topics and benefits I can bring to the stage.

Community over competition

  • Survival comes through community
  • Interwoven ecologies are a strength, not a risk
  • Deep listening and the wisdom of interspecies communication
  • Lessons from the whales, water, and forests
  • Restoration through relationship and reciprocity

How saving whales will save the Earth

  • Necessity of healthy thriving oceans for healthy thriving Earth
  • How whales keep the oceans in balance: biological and spiritual ecology
  • Conscious communication, energetics, culture and memory of ocean kin
  • What oceanic community care can teach humans
  • Lessons from 35 million years of matrilineal whale wisdom
  • How we can heal: focusing actions towards ecological wholeness

Feminine wisdom and circular leadership

  • Effective leadership requires embodied listening
  • Composting hierarchical structures to restore mycelial matriarchy
  • Reweaving community and transitioning to circular leadership
  • Purpose and place: intersecting passion and skill
  • Evolutionary response-ability and feminine fluidity
  • Attuning intuition and intellect in the animal body
suzy tindell

“Amber is passionate and a problem-solver”

Many people complain, but she takes action. Her commitment to Mother Nature and to making the world a better place reveal Amber as a leader of the change we need most, and through poetry and documentaries, she creates awareness of how we, too, can be healers of the natural world.

I can help bring connection, understanding and empathy to your project or cause.

As a spoken word poet and performer, film writer, and conservation program/grant writer I have an immense range of communication capacity to present compelling and emotional stories with sensitive attunement to audience and culture.

not sure where to start?

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