Get Me Golden [Poem]

by | Oct 3, 2022

Get Me Golden

get me

blues and greens that sparkle golden
in sunrise…
in mischief…
in firelight…

that language
that earth speaks to us
when we move
out beyond time

a slow heart
set free into
blazing sunsets
and golden dawns…

slanted sunlight
warm across wide-open skies

shining, a light in side
each dewy
grass blade

wind sweeping
green crowns
across verdant hillsides

my life
caught up in short-lived
diamonds dripping from
spider webs,
a matrix
and sparkling
alive –

– gone –
by noon

it was in the air
all along –
all my truth
how I want –

how I hold my love
loose all around me
because it needs a soft place
to belong…

I want for space
wide enough
to hold it all…
where none of me is wrong

just let me roam
through these green fields
heart filled
with birdsong

amelia travis
creative collaboration

“Amber is a powerful collaborator and asset to creative projects.”

Her curious nature, profound questions, and honest reflections support the development of self-awareness and invite connection to the world around us. With Amber’s counsel, I see more facets and dimensions of my work, and can better align the depth, integrity, and potency of the message I’m trying to share. She is a masterful teacher and creative guide.

I can help bring connection, understanding and empathy to your project or cause.

As a spoken word poet and performer, film writer, and conservation program/grant writer I have an immense range of communication capacity to present compelling and emotional stories with sensitive attunement to audience and culture.

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