Shifting Gravity [Poem]

by | Oct 15, 2022

you are
solar systematic
in rotation
so attractive
of heavy planets
firmly planted

pull me closer
like a magnet

I. feel. it.

that space between us
orbits — gravid
a pregnant pause
so holographic

light in layers

rubbed so soft
sparks — erratic

lightening cracks
wind with a voice
that MOVES —

thunder rolls…
sky splits open
air’s rebalanced
blows through my mind
like storm-raised
breezes clear
out leaves in

I’ll wait.
I’ll wait to land
back down to Earth —

winter spring summer
I’ll grow tall
rising — washing
rain-fed waterfalls
keep me CLEAN
so I can see
the “right” way
to pass one more
slow day

I’ll just keep to my roots
‘til the seasons change
get rearranged
‘til the tide shifts in
and we flood again

‘til you see me
‘til you need me
like water rising
to the thirsty

you are
and I need you
we need WE
like trees give
through mycelium
they feed each other
and I will share it all

if you share it too…
then we will

down there
beneath gravity
at the very center
of the Earth —
the molten core
that keeps us alive

amelia travis
creative collaboration

“Amber is a powerful collaborator and asset to creative projects.”

Her curious nature, profound questions, and honest reflections support the development of self-awareness and invite connection to the world around us. With Amber’s counsel, I see more facets and dimensions of my work, and can better align the depth, integrity, and potency of the message I’m trying to share. She is a masterful teacher and creative guide.

I can help bring connection, understanding and empathy to your project or cause.

As a spoken word poet and performer, film writer, and conservation program/grant writer I have an immense range of communication capacity to present compelling and emotional stories with sensitive attunement to audience and culture.

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